Cosworth Engine Line Art Drawing Cosworth Vega Twin Cam #0321
Cosworth 0321 Picture

Welcome to my web site. 

The premise of this site is to dispel some of the confusion and myths surrounding the Chevrolet Cosworth Vega, a production automobile built by Chevrolet from March 27, 1975 until the last one rolled off the line on July 23, 1976.  In a little over 16 months, 3,508 Cosworth Vegas were constructed, making this a rare automobile; in comparison, a total of 13,000 1963 Split Window Corvettes were built. The break down is believed to be 2,061 Cosworths in 1975 and 1,447 Cosworths in 1976.  The intention of this site is to go over one car (#0321) which is only on its second owner since being ordered and delivered on June 4th of 1975 showing how it was built, the special items which make a Cosworth Vega unique in comparison to a standard Vega or Vega GT.  I would like to take this time to point the reader to the information packed site run by the Cosworth Vega Owners Association. It is not my intention to compete with the CVOA site but to detail just one of the 3,508 Cosworth Vegas built. This is a work in progress so check back often for more up dates.

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